Storybook Albums

What is a storybook album?

This is not a traditional photo album with prints put inside sleeves or mounted on pages which will often turn yellow in time. Instead, the photos are printed onto the pages of the book, in a stylised and themed manner that I create for you. Your memories last longer in a storybook album, in that it doesn’t age like the traditional albums do and they are more robust and can handle many, many fingers handling them. I have made one of my own wedding, and another of my honeymoon and I find that they make really nice personal gifts too!


Something for everyone

I like to provide a service that caters for every taste and budget. As such, I am happy to be able to provide a three-tiered storybook album service:

  1. First we have the BUDGET option. This range has three formats, four styles (including an A4 landscape option encrusted with Swarovski crystals) and two paper qualities to choose from. Prices starting from £65-£105*.

  3. Second is the PREMIER option. This band of storybooks is a marked step up in quality from the previous option, but without the same phenomenal increase in the price tag. There are two formats, two cover options and two paper qualities to decide from. The pages of this book are specially bound within the seam to get a ‘lay flat’ look, allowing for full double-page edge-to-edge panoramic printing. Prices starting from £185-£295*.

  5. Finally, we have the DELUXE option. This range is supremely high quality, hand bound and stitched for that luxurious finish. There are also a lot more customisable options, including four sizes, three formats, six cover options and three paper types. Again, these books open flat with full double-page edge-to-edge panoramic printing. Prices starting from £300-£460*.

Additionally, the Premier and Deluxe options offer an extra, very useful in my opinion, feature. You can order your main storybook, which will come in a nice presentation box, and at the same time order the same storybook but in a scaled down ‘Parent Book’ version, which are also customisable in terms of format and paper quality. Parent books start from £105*. 
If you’d like to know more about the storybook options available, please drop me a message and I’ll be in touch!
* Prices applicable when purchased as part of a package.